System Requirements

  • Windows 7/Vista
  • 5 MB disk space
  • 32 MB RAM (minimum)


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Free File Compare, Folder Synchronization Tool

Introducing SwiftCompare lite - the FREE folder compare, file compare and synchronization tool for Windows. SwiftCompare lite lets you compare two files, folders, drives or computers, and synchronize them with the least effort.

What? This is really FREE?

Compare Two Files, Folders It sure is. SwiftCompare lite is a free version of our best-selling SwiftCompare. Sure, it's not as feature-rich as its big brother is, but it's still jam-packed with useful features for performing simple compare and synchronization tasks.

SwiftCompare lite is a great tool for programmers trying to keep track of complex changes to a large program, business people struggling to make sure that the latest contract draft has all of the required changes, and even students who need to synchronize notes and assignments between their notebook and desktop computers.

But It's Not All Work And No Play…

SwiftCompare lite is also a great solution for anyone who needs to organize family photos, music files, contacts, and more.

SwiftCompare lite is the free ware file compare and folder synchronization tool that you'd gladly pay for - but you don't have to!

Not sure if you need SwiftCompare or SwiftCompare lite? Check out the features of each one and then decide:



SwiftCompare lite


File Compare



In place text editor (with syntax highlighting)



Useful operations like find, replace, cut, copy, paste, undo, redo



Visual diff viewer for highlighting difference summary



File editing, merging, and synchronization



Saving the edited files



Creating file backups before performing modifications



Navigating to next/previous difference



Changing fonts, colours





Folder compare



Comparing sub folders



Binary file comparison



Comparing FAT/NTFS files or drives



Useful operations like copy, move, rename, synchronizing modified time



Folder synchronization



Navigating to next/previous difference



Report generation of differences in html format



Include/exclude filters for files



Creating folder backups before performing modifications




         $USD 27



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Casual users with an occasional need to compare two files, folders and synchronize them can download SwiftCompare lite FREE from here, or at CNET