System Requirements

  • Windows 7/Vista
  • 5 MB disk space
  • 32 MB RAM (minimum)


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Compare Files and Folders, and Synchronize them

SwiftCompare File Comparison and Merging Software. SwiftCompare is a visual file and folder comparison utility for Windows that lets you quickly compare files across folders, drives, USB storage devices, or even computers. Use SwiftCompare to compare two files or folders and merge/synchronize the differences among them, with a simple click of a button.

And because SwiftCompare is visual, you're not stuck using hard to understand file functions or making entries on the command line. SwiftCompare lets you point and click your way for professional file synchronization every time.

Tired of Losing Track of Your Documents, Photos, Music or Source Code?

If you have multiple homes for your important files, you have multiple opportunities to lose these files or have them out of sync.

You're at Risk if You're…

  • Developing software on different machines
  • Taking work to and from school or the office on USB drives
  • Storing photos and music on your laptop and PDA
  • Emailing important document changes to your home and work or school email

Incorrect file versions can cost you time, money, a good grade, or maybe even your job.

That's why you need SwiftCompare. If you're a software developer, you'll be especially impressed with SwiftCompare's intelligent handling of source code comments, white space, blank lines, and other insignificant differences. Music lovers can finally have their latest libraries up-to-date and all in one place, and business users can rest assured that they have the latest copy of that important contract or proposal.

Do you need to

Download a copy right now and try it for free. If you're like the thousands of users who have come before you, you'll agree that SwiftCompare is the fastest and easiest way to keep your important files and folders in sync.

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